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HVAC Services Brisbane


HVAC services Brisbane are who you need

Do you need to find someone to install, upgrade, maintain, or repair the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, or Ventilation equipment for your premises? Your business deserves to have the services of accredited professionals with decades of experience, knowledge and credibility in the industry. At BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services and HVAC Services Brisbane, we cover all of this!

BEARS services include:


We are your One-Stop-Shop for quality solutions to your Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Mechanical Ventilation and HVAC Hygiene needs. Included in our expert maintenance and cleaning services is the awareness of preventative care and equipment auditing. This way we make sure we have you covered!

HVAC Services Brisbane

Finding the Refrigeration, Ventilation, and / or Air Conditioning solution which is just right for your business is, above all, an important decision. Making the wrong choice or being given inexperienced advice can cost your business in so many ways. This could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, an increase in energy consumption or lost stock. Added to this is the risk of losing productivity, credibility and good standing with your customers. You don’t want that and neither do we!

Below are 3 top reasons BEARS and HVAC Services Brisbane are confident to say we can offer you the best quality service in all our service areas for your business or home:

  1.  Experience, Accreditations and Credibility  

We have nearly 3 decades of experience in the industry, so the BEARS team know what we’re doing. Because we work in both the residential and commercial space, our expertise and credibility are reflected in the number of satisfied customers we have across the construction, commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. We also believe that we can deliver quality services by only employing fully qualified tradespeople to complete your project. Each is an experienced tradesperson in their own right.

  1.  Specialists who are Innovative and Adaptable

BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services know that your business is unique and special to you so we approach each new project with that understanding. With our many years of design and installation experience to draw on, we are well placed to meet your specific needs. Each quote we provide is specifically tailored to yours and your business’ requirements. We also factor in the best solution to any problem or challenge you or your business may have.

  1. If it’s Regular Maintenance or an Emergency, BEARS is Reliable and Responsive

Here at BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services, we recognise that, in some industries, a constant supply of Air Conditioning or Refrigeration is critical to your business. In some cases it’s also for your clients’ or patients’ safety. Because we understand this, the BEARS team is on-call around the clock if you have an emergency that needs attention NOW.

We are proud of the quality and standard of work we provide. HVAC Services Brisbane also services the following areas:


 Design, supply and install
all types of Refrigerators, Ventilators, and Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast and throughout South East Queensland

 24/7 emergency repairs service across all of our specialist areas

  Maintenance and cleaning contracts with an integrated focus on preventative care and accountability for client auditing

Commercial Refrigeration

Air Conditioning

Mechanical Ventilation

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