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HVAC Hygiene

Air Conditioner Cleaning

BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services offers Hygiene Clean – our high quality, professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioner (HVAC) cleaning system that takes care of:

Commercial refrigeration cleaning
Mechanical ventilation cleaning
Commercial & residential air conditioner cleaning

HVAC Hygiene Clean is a top-level cleaning system designed to maximise lifespan and performance of your HVAC equipment by addressing health and safety, energy efficiency, and asset protection.

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Hygiene Clean Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning for Top Performance

The BEARS HVAC Hygiene Clean service goes above and beyond the routine of everyday maintenance.

Much more than just a daily clean, Hygiene Clean offers a supremely thorough clean that focuses on ensuring maximum efficiency, full system integrity, and delivering the healthiest and safest outcome possible.

Here’s how our heating, ventilation, and air conditioner cleaning services will benefit you and your business on an ongoing basis:

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Health Benefits

Did you know that air conditioners, exhaust fans, ventilation and refrigeration systems can harbour a variety of organisms such as human DNA (dead skin cells), mould, mildew, fungi, and bacteria?

That’s why it’s so important that this equipment is regularly cleaned and serviced, as a detrimental buildup of these organisms can seriously compromise the health of those they are designed to be helping. HVAC Hygiene Clean is asthma-friendly and ensures the continued delivery of clean, healthy air.

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Asset Protection

The best way to protect and preserve your assets is to make sure that they receive regular cleaning and maintenance. This means you can identify and deal with small issues straight away, and avoid them escalating into expensive major repairs or replacements further down the line.

Rather than having to deal with the hassle and cost of a neglected and completely dysfunctional air conditioner, ventilation or refrigeration system – you can enjoy peace of mind with optimal performance and longer lifespan of your equipment.

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Energy Efficiency

While energy efficiency doesn’t always seem like a big deal, we can assure you that over time the costs of inefficiencies can seriously add up. The BEARS Hygiene Clean service is recommended for the same reasons every good mechanic recommends regular car services – clean engines run better.

A clean air conditioner, ventilation system or refrigerator is most likely to be running at maximum energy efficiency, and when you take care of your equipment with regular system cleaning, you are guaranteed to save money. Did you know that professional air conditioner cleaning and servicing alone can save you in excess of 30% of power usage for that unit?

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With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that your air conditioner, commercial fan system or refrigerator stays clear and functional.

Without this care and attention, HVAC equipment can become blocked and malfunction, causing it to become a potential fire hazard and a danger in the workplace.

By scheduling regular cleaning, you will guarantee optimal system performance, and ensure that any potential hazards are identified and rectified before they become a safety issue.

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Who’s Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Unit Why Professional Qualifications Make a Difference

Does cleaning your air conditioner unit really require professional knowledge and qualifications? The short answer is – yes!

Under current industry regulations, anyone can claim they have the skills and experience to clean an air conditioner unit.

However, this leaves commercial and residential clients vulnerable to damages and danger caused by a tradesperson who doesn’t know the risks and technical implications of what they are doing.

At BEARS, we want our clients to rest assured that their equipment and premises are in safe and competent hands, and we take every step to ensure that our team of professionals hold the qualifications necessary to deliver this outcome.

Enjoy peace of mind with BEARS’ HVAC Hygiene Clean

Professional Coil Cleaning Process

Our HVAC Hygiene services are suitable for both indoor and outdoor units and are specifically designed to remove:

Grease / Oils
Dust / Dirt
Leaf Litter


Industry Required Qualifications for Professional Air Conditioner Cleaning & Repairs

To maintain industry standards and quality assurance across the board, it’s essential that businesses and employees working in the field are equipped with the qualifications and knowledge to operate safely and efficiently.

As from 1st Jan 2022, all air conditioner repairs and cleaning will need to be done by a fully qualified technician. Here are the qualifications that must be held at both company and employee level:

ARC Refrigerant Handling Licence
Qld Govt. Restricted Electrical Work Licence
QBCC Contractor Licence
QBCC Nominee Supervisor Licence
Qld Govt. Licence to Perform High Risk Work
Qld Govt. Working with Children Blue Card
Qld Govt. Occupational Health & Safety Construction Induction

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