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Mechanical Ventilation

Big Industrial Fans & Commercial Ventilation

When it comes to needing an industrial fan or mechanical ventilation, BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services pride ourselves on having the experience and expertise to deliver the right solution for your business. We take into consideration the functional requirements of the business, in addition to budget and the space of your premises, to create a customised solution that works for you.

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Quality Commercial Ventilation & Exhaust Fans

At BEARS, we take great care to choose equipment designs of excellent quality that are extremely fit for purpose.

For example, designed to be leaders in durability and efficiency, the bases, wind bands, and shutter flap for all models of the exhaust fans we use are of galvanised steel construction.

The flap mounting mechanism is designed to prevent water leaking into the fan, with specific materials and finishes available for hazardous environments and special circumstances. Exhaust Fans are also available in a selection of Colorbond colours.

Big Fans for School Gyms and Commercial Spaces

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Keep Your Industrial Fan & Commercial Ventilation Systems Running Smoothly with Preventative Maintenance

As with any frequently used equipment, industrial fans and commercial ventilation are prone to becoming dirty, oily, and greasy over time.

Unfortunately, they can then become a fire hazard and pose an unnecessary risk to your business, employees, and customers. Ensuring that your mechanical ventilation is running properly is not just a health and safety issue – it’s also a matter of efficiency, energy consumption, and the respective costs involved for your business.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

When it comes to equipment and machinery, a little bit of regular care can go a long way.

Instead of waiting for an unavoidable, large-scale problem to manifest in your ventilation system, why not stay ahead of the game and protect your asset investment with regular maintenance?

This allows for small problems to be detected and solved quickly and easily, eliminating risks and hazards before they can escalate into bigger and more expensive problems. It will also keep your industrial fan running more efficiently, not to mention for a longer period of time.

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Regular Maintenance Contracts

BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services offer preventative maintenance contracts on all systems to ensure that your industrial fans and commercial ventilation systems stay clean and functional, and operate at optimal performance. We can also arrange to have your exhaust hood ducts, fans and filters cleaned – just to help you get those unwanted jobs squared away and ticked off your To Do list.

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24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service When Every Moment Counts

At BEARS, we understand that every moment counts when vital equipment has a breakdown – especially an industrial fan that provides essential ventilation in a commercial or industrial workspace.

Many businesses across numerous industries are required to ensure a functional and effective ventilation system in order to operate in compliance with health and safety regulations. And, in the case of a breakdown, you’re forced to stop all operations until the problem is fixed.

With our 24/7 emergency breakdown service, you can rest assured that no matter what time, day or night, you can rely on our team to deliver the quality and efficient repairs needed to get your operation successfully back online with minimal loss and disruption.

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