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Brisbane Commercial Ventilation


Professional Brisbane Commercial Ventilation?

Are you on the hunt for a quality supplier / installer of Brisbane commercial ventilation? Or perhaps you have existing equipment and systems in place that require maintenance and repair? Look no further than BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to provide you with the professional services you need.

BEARS are a family owned business that have been in operation since establishment in 1989. With almost 3 decades to build a wealth of knowledge and skills, we bring this time-tested approach to each of our projects involving Brisbane commercial ventilation and more. We are also constantly updating and improving our processes to reflect leading edge practice in the industry, because we understand that there is always room for improvement!


The BEARS Choice For Brisbane Commercial Ventilation

When it comes to choosing the best equipment for Brisbane commercial ventilation, MacroAir is the BEARS brand of choice. We perceive MacroAir fans to be of top-notch design and efficiency, which is why we are confident in recommending them to our customers.

As an authorised supplier / installer of MacroAir fans in Queensland for more than a decade, we are intimately familiar with the products. This means that we have attained a high level of efficiency and effectiveness with regards to installation, as well any repairs necessary.

When making any larger scale financial investment such as your Brisbane commercial ventilation, it is natural to want to protect and preserve it for as long as possible. In order to best extend the lifespan of your equipment, BEARS recommends that our customers employ regular maintenance and repair. Not only can dirty fans become a fire hazard, they also lose their effectiveness and use more power to operate. Additionally, when your machinery is regularly assessed, we can catch any minor issues and resolve them before they can become stressful, expensive problems!

To find out more about Brisbane commercial ventilation solutions with BEARS, contact us today and speak with a friendly member of our team.

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