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BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning


BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for Professional Services

Since establishment in 1989, BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services have built a reputation for experience, reliability, and dedicated customer service. Whether you require a systems upgrade, repairs, installation, or ongoing maintenance, BEARS refrigeration & air conditioning have the skills for the job. The BEARS team is comprised of accredited industry professionals who strive to work with our customers to design the best solution for their unique needs.
Our specialist areas include solutions for:

  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • HVAC hygiene

BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provides services to clients located in the Brisbane region, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. However, we are open to going where we are needed, and demand for our innovative and experienced solutions has taken us further afield to Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and more.

Why Choose BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for Your Business?

At BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning we understand just how important it is to our clients to feel confident that they have the best air conditioning, refrigeration, and / or ventilation system in place to meet their domestic and commercial needs. The consequences of the wrong choice can include interrupted productivity, huge costs of repair and energy consumption, spoiled stock, not to mention health and safety risks. That’s why we engage a comprehensive consultation and design process to make sure the right choice is made.

As well as helping our clients to make the best choice for their requirements, we offer ongoing maintenance contracts to further support the lasting quality and lifespan of their refrigeration, air conditioning, and / or ventilation systems. Like any piece of equipment, regular maintenance is the key to longevity! Faulty, malfunctioning equipment can also lead to significant losses in time and money that could have otherwise been avoided.

We constantly seek progress and improvement in our methods, looking for the best option for each project. A recent job involving a rooftop site saw the BEARS team using a helicopter to navigate the tricky installation at hand! By lowering the bulky air conditioning units to the rooftop via air, we were able to conduct a much smoother and efficient installation. It is our aim to provide excellent customer experiences through our ability to adapt to any situation, whilst providing high quality products and services.

If you think BEARS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services are for you, please contact us directly and speak to a friendly member of our team for further details.

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Air Conditioning

Mechanical Ventilation

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